Crudicakes Philosophy

Sweets for vegans, suitable for Diabetics

Crudicakes started out of the need to make sweets that were suitable for my partner, who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and who follows the Paleo diet as a lifestyle, because the options that were on the market were very limited or non-existent.

All our sweets are vegan, suitable for diabetics, and artisan, free of flour, soy, added sugars, trans fats and palm oil, without additives and not processed, because I know how important a healthy diet is for you. That's why at CrudiCakes you will find an easy-to-understand ingredients list to know what you are eating.

You don't have to be vegan to try the vegan sweets suitable for diabetics from CrudiCakes; our healthy cakes are very tasty and can be enjoyed by anyone. Thanks to the quality ingredients we use, and to the fact that we do not use dairy, flour, eggs or soy, they are suitable for people with food intolerances. And since they do not have added sugars or trans fats, they are healthier than traditional pastries.

The philosophy of CrudiCakes is based on the importance of combining a good diet with sports and contact with nature, for both our physical and mental well-being. I want to make it possible to enjoy a sweet treat, which is both healthy and visually attractive, without having to give up taste or quality. In addition, we give you the possibility of ordering sweets for diabetics at home in Les Corts, Barcelona. With CrudiCakes everything is quality, flavor and simplicity.

We put at your disposal different channels for contacting us: telephone, mail, web, whatsapp, instagram and facebook.

I believe that any action taken to make the world a better place, no matter how small, always adds up. That is why at CrudiCakes we are committed to recycling, the circular economy, decent salaries and quality products. Some of the initiatives at CrudiCakes are:

· A small discount for each crystal jar you return to us.
· Ideas to reuse glass jars.
· All the packaging used at CrudiCakes is plastic-free and recyclable.
· Book exchange at the CrudiCakes store.
· CrudiCakes works only with ethical delivery companies.
· Our suppliers are local, to minimize environmental impact and help create jobs.

Discover all our vegan sweets with home delivery in Les Corts, Barcelona, also suitable for diabetics, and start savoring life as you deserve.